Service Policies & Recognition

Service policies & recognition

Escalation procedures
Beginning with the time that an engineer starts working on a problem, it is automatically monitored by our Service CRM software and if the times spend exceeds a predetermined duration, there is an automatic escalation alert, which puts into operation an escalation procedure. A senior engineer is immediately assigned to resolve the problem. We have currently a team of Senior Engineers, one for each competence, Electrical, Mechanical, Prepress, Software and system workflows.

24 x 7 x 365 Support round the clock through the year
In today’s market place, providing round the clock support is critical to keep customers in complete control of their business. To all our customers we are offering a standardized 24x7x365 support, enhancing service levels and customer satisfaction. This service reflects our commitment to ensuring the complete and ongoing support to our customers and is applicable to all customers under our standard Service Terms and Conditions.
For more information on our round the clock service please call us.

KBA & Muller Martini accreditation

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