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Clickable Paper - Give your existing print applications A New Dimension

Clickable Paper is a powerful, interactive print solution that bridges the online and offline worlds. It has the ability to provide immediate one-touch access to up to six different online resources such as video/multimedia, web sites, e-commerce portals and social networks. Clickable Paper makes paper-based communications interactive and delivers far-reaching value to readers by providing easy access to digital rich media via a smartphone or tablet. Its functionality can be critical when it comes to developing an effective interactive print campaign that drives readers to seek additional information and provides tracking of these activities to publishers and advertisers.

Product Highlights:

·         Connects print to multichannel media using image recognition technology

·         Enables interactive print with fast access to photos, video/multimedia, websites, e-commerce portals and social networks

·         Creates revenue opportunity via a cloud-based marketing service that is easy to implement and use

·         Works without marking, editing or reformatting source materials

·         Overcomes the limitations of QR codes

·         Includes iOS and Android mobile apps that are free to download and use

·         Allows your clients to drive brand awareness

·         Enables app users to interact immediately via social media

·         Offers data analytics to improve campaign responses and ROI.

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