Service portfolio

Service portfolio:

Specialists, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Software engineers are always at hand to support our customers. With frequent trips to our suppliers’ factories and assembly lines they refresh their knowledge on new developments in their respective competency.
This is why our major suppliers have entrusted our service team to carry out installations on their behalf not only in the UAE region but also in the greater Middle East region. Suppliers such as KBA, Muller Martini and Agfa have certified and approved our service team, for carrying installations on their behalf.

Maintenance & repair
Like everywhere else in life, prevention is cheaper than curing. In the long term professional maintenance of the equipment will safeguard against major breakdowns and will therefore safeguard against loss of production and revenues.
Tailored maintenance and service contracts as well as special trainings and supporting applications can be offered to ensure high product life expectancy. In the unfortunate event of a breakdown our customers can reply on a qualified, rapid and cost-effective repair and therefore encounters minimum costs and downtime.

Remote assistance
Another example of how to service our customers best is the Remote diagnostics that we have taken to a new level. Our engineers can -literally on the move- apply diagnostic procedures by which the machine is remotely controlled via laptop or mobile phones (palm top). Having the machine up and running using this procedure will save the customer time and money. Customer systems can even be monitored remotely notifying us of upcoming problems even before the customer is aware of it.

Instruction training
When hiring new staff or acquiring additional machines we let you optimize your efficiency by offering instruction training. This familiarizes the operator with the equipment and enables him to fully utilize the machine.

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