Interactive Whiteboard D2200

Interactive Whiteboard D2200 – 22 Inches Whiteboard

We know you need the flexibility to present your ideas wherever you are. And collaboration and interaction are more important to you and your audience than ever before. The Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard D2200 gives you the option to set-up anywhere, and its mobility means it’s ideal for small workgroups. The strongest feature is the capability of remote collaboration between Interactive Whiteboards and Smart Devices via Bluetooth, HDMI and Display Ports. So show your thinking and get your ideas across quicker.

 Product Highlights:

·         At only 22” in size, it can be placed flat so multiple users can write simultaneously, perfect for flexible working

·         Unique and simple to use for easy editing, saving and sharing of information

·         Quick connectivity to Interactive Whiteboards and Smart Devices allowing you to collaborate with the presentation

·         More interaction thanks to an embedded camera and speaker to allow video conferencing

·         No software installation, so it’s ready to go with one touch.


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