Binding Materials

PU Convering Materials
Giffin Graphics is the authorised dealer of Synt3®. Synt3® Founded in 1971, began its activities by producing polyurethane (PU) coated materials for shoe uppers. In 1977 the company decided to invest into a new-born product: coagulated polyurethane, and consequently opened a new plant. Synt3® acquired the prestigious “LASKINA®” trademark, which guarantees that our materials are made of 100% PU.
Synt3® bookbinding products can be used to make Agendas, Diaries, Note books, Religious books, Scrapbooks, Catalogues Cases etc.
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Paper Covering Materials
Geltex is the innovative covering material from the house of  Guarro Casas.  They have more than three hundred and twenty years of history. Guarro Casas apply this experience every day to their high-quality papers and covering materials.
Geltex is available in a great range of colors, weights and embossing. With more than 70 different designs, Geltex is one of our most customizable products keeping an outstanding touch and natural appearance.
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Flocked Paper
Offering the look of lavish and feel of luxury, our flocked cover materials combine the sensual feeling of suede with an amazing color depth and intensity.
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Book Binding Cloth(CALICO)
This cloth is used mainly for Book Binding purposes. This Cloth is also pasted on the bending surfaces of corrugated box using synthetic adhesive for better durability which increases the life of the box. This Cloth is available in different sizes and colors. The colors which are always available are Blue, Red, Green, Black and white. On Special order Calico of any other color or size can be delivered on customer’s request.
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PVC Covering Materials
Its specialty PVC coated paper for the purpose of book binding and covering needs. This material also used for the wine box, cosmetics box, gift box, notebook and arch lever file cover.
Anti-curl, Moisture proof, Wear Resistant, Tensile resistant are the main features of PVC covering materials. Its compatible for Foil Stamping, Screen Printing, Embossing, Die cutting. PVC covering material is available in 100-meter roll and in all shades.
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Hot stamping Foils
Giffin Graphics is the sole distributor for ITW Hot stamping foils from Korea. We can offer to our customers a wide range different series foils for different kind of applications, such as Graphic, Packaging, Textiles, Decorated Glass& Plastic.
At ITW Foils, our goal is to make your brand shine by manufacturing the best performing foils, films and foil laminates in the graphics industry. We accomplish this through extensive research, development and testing to ensure our foil and film products perform without equal on your finished product.
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Spiral Wires (Twin loop Wire)
Spiral wire/Twin loop Wire is especially produced for permanent binding choices. Twin Loop Wire is also suitable for binding and printing on demand. We offer all the wire binding supplies you need to create professionally bound documents and give your presentations a traditional and classic look. Our wire binding elements come in a variety of colors and available for 3:1 pitch system in both spools and pre-cut size. In the 3:1 system, there are 3 loops in 1”.3:1 pitch system is also useful for brochures, calendars etc.
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Headband & Ribbons

Headbands are used as a decorative element on the head and tail of the book and are often added as the finishing touch. We carry a multitude of colors available in 12” lengths. Headbands are easy to attach using a small amount of PVA glue.

Double face satin ribbon
The 7mm wide ribbon is particularly suitable for decorating your own favour boxes or making place name tags.
Shopping Bag Rope (Polymester string). A Strong polymester Cord Suitable For paper bag handles. Available in roll as well as cut sizes in different colours and models.
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Corners for Book Binding
Book binders use metal corners for different purposes. It can be either for enhance the   appearance of a product or give protection to the product. We have different colours and sizes of book binding corners in stock.
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Magnet & screws
Magnets are mainly used in gift box making. Its available in round and rectangle shapes in all common sizes. A set of screw used to hold parts together like binding photo albums, scrapbooks, samples, and many other items. Its available in gold and silver colours and 6 mm to 3.5 cm sizes.
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