Screen Printing Products

Giffin Graphics is the official distributor of Sun chemicals (Coates Screen-UK) in the Arabian gulf region. With a global product base, world distribution and extensive technical resources. Sun chemicals (Coates Screen-UK) is the world choice; the chosen supplier for products and services for screen and high technology graphics.
We offer UV-curing ink systems for Graphic printing and also screen printing onto various kinds of materials. Solvent screen printing inks for printing onto glass, ceramics and various other substrates.

Giffin is the distribution centre for the brand Foteco.we are your strong&techanically competent partner within the screen printing market, our product range covers the entire pre-press& the screen post press process of screen printing from Emulsion up to decoating. We assist you with your work-flow & work processes. 

Screen Mesh – Sefar, Switzerland
We are the sole distributor for the Sefar mesh. It is the popular allround stencil substrate for virtually all screen printing applications large and small format graphics,CDs,decorative tile designs, printed glass,sporting goods,textile printing and other industrial tasks.we can give the recommendations for the selection of mesh for screen printing.

Screen squeegee are designed to perform well in the following screen printing applications: Bottle, Ceramic, CD/DVD, Decal, Electronic / PCB, Glass, Graphic, Textile, Industrial, Solar / PV.
This can meet the requirements of high solvent resistance, high UV resistance, high abrasion resistance and Colour stability.

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