Flexo Printing Consumables

Giffin Graphics supplies the consumables for Flexo industry.
Flexo Plates
We have flexo conventional (analogue) and digital plates in different thickness.  2.84mm, 3.94mm, 6.00mm thickness plates are available.

Flexo UV Wash
Anilox rollers UV wash for Narrow web and wide webs.

Flexo Anilox Gel
Anilox gel for all kinds of Anilox rollers

Flexo Narrow web ink
Giffin graphics associated with Paragon Inks which is an ISO9001 accredited company and a member of the British Coatings Federation (BCF). Process colours and Pantone colours are available.

Flexo narrow web and Graver Special Inks
Special effect inks for Flexo and Graver industry from Paragon inks and Sun Chemical inks are available.

Flexo narrow web special backing white inks
Special backing white from Paragon inks by UK is available.
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